Alive – Victoria Celestine

Wasted Tears EP front cover.jpeg

If I ever found my singing voice – I’d wish I sounded something like Victoria Celestine.

Wedged between the musicality of Lana Del Ray, Ellie Goulding and something humbly hers, her voice melts the corners of the heart and stands strong like a reed in a gentle summer breeze. Pretty but not frail, Powerful but not bragsy, Angelic but really grounded. Like really – really grounded. Somewhat timeless. The voice of a leader, lady, curious and playful child. A sister. A great friend. An artist who walks the line of vulnerability and authenticity, maybe even truth. Nourishing, whole, light, and magnetic. And completely moresome. The kinda voice that doesn’t do snippets but needs to be heard for all its renditions, inflexions, tonalities, subtext, and overtones. The kind of voice that stays with you long after the song has passed.

And what a pretty little song. The title track might be humble but it lacks absolutely nothing. Feeling into the breadth of one song that can be told in a million of intertwined fragments. The sign of true complexity. The art of true simpleness. And the polarity that holds it all together. Because let’s face it – in a world come easy, designing for the capacity to bring, hold, and encapsulate more is alchemy.

“Alive,” tells the classic tale of coming into life through the most profound act of stepping into love, allowing love, and letting it penetrate you into a gentle space of enlightenment that brings your soul into the room. With its simple cords and nothing to prove lyrics, this is music that feels you.

A rare gem. Totally Loopable. And refreshingly fresh.

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