Maskarade of Hares

Welcome to the Electro music masked project.

Where Surrealism reigns to the beat of the lost March Hare. 10013701_790702114274581_1894790260_n.jpglira-di-dio-mockup-1.jpg

First off, I don’t know whether to be delighted or afraid. The branding feels like the dark side of Christmas (expect that Christmas isn’t really known for its bunnies), with its awe-striking statement murky feel and ominous symbology.

It has even been said that: “Inside this aggressive album you can hear a lot of influences, from Trent Reznor to Gesaffelstein, from Marilyn Manson to Trentemøller.”


Interesting Fact: Hares are born out in the open with their eyes open.

Leaving lots to the imagination, and a diabolical tauntatious element, this is an album clearly devised for the shadows. Perfect for Halloween. Slash Horror Cinematography. Jaded Spirits. Dark Days. Alien Abductions. Twisted Realities and Brutal truthisms as told by the underground, matrix, to which we close our eyes and divert our gaze.

And with cautious trepidation, we give into the music and follow the hare down a trip-static vortex of alternating realities. Into a realm where the only politics that exists is music and the only currency is dance.

And as the album absorbs and absolves you track by track – deeper down the realm of devouring beats, the presence of the Hare begins to rise. With a flair for the lost, forgotten, worldly unknown tribalism, the kaleidoscope of beats and what sounds like Throat Music on track 3, something primal, godlike, and all-powerful begins to rise.

Not to mention something that could easily be coupled with the vocals of Gregorian Masters Masters of Chant (without feeling like you had to go to Church).

Oh go on and unleash your inner Pagan.

Oh and for all of you who are worried how dark is dark … you’ve seen the Matrix right?

The only demon you’ll be dancing out is your own twisted thoughts and savage ways. The darkest days of our collective humanity, and the worst sides of our souls.

And while you might get your kink on to this (I won’t judge, but I’m not really that kinda Lady) you’ll be glad to know no demons were summoned in the making or playing of this. But if you prefer to have your sage on standby … go for it.

You won’t need it. The seamless production, the exquisite execution, and the eyes-wide-open attentiveness to every beat between the beat is an act of pure mentalism and craftsmanship – that you’ll be doing backflips trying to find faults.

And those you do, may you be warned might say more to you than to a man dressed as a Hare.

The official website you might ask?

Best I could do was this:
and wild elsa ( booking agency):




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