With a flair of suspended wisdom and a voice of distant maturity, Darick DDS Spears wraps the album together with his opening beats. With easy listening smoothness and funk esoterics designed to individuate the collective story, this real world fantasia is alive and kicking.

This is an album dedicated to the rhyming purist.

The one’s who wake up and go to sleep rhyming.

Usually, when one listens to rap they hear cold truths, brutal awakenings, abusive lyrics, and harsh projectories. So it’s rare to find an album that builds, constructs, engineers, and poet-izes alternative realities and trajectories of the life we find ourselves running from.

But glancing over an album with track names like John Lennon, Amen, Feeling So Alive, and Can I Kick A Rhyme – brings the art back into the artist and the philosophy back it poetry. So curiosity lead me to listen just a little more open.


I must admit his alliterative choices made me smile. With an occasional oxymoron and rhyming couplet, Shakespeare would be chuckled pink. Wonder what Oscar Wild would say? And how much does it matter as the 80’s sound-effects trip up your auditory sensations as much as they do your speakers?

With real lyrics that don’t slam you into the ghetto and playful electro-effects – something feels really different about this album. How palpably distinctive? Well, only the tracks will tell.  The Philosophy, however, keeps it grounded on the edge of reason. With trickster conundrums and unstated subtext, the context feels like a spiders web waiting to happen.

There’s a dangerousness in the care-free approachability to memes and headlines that define our reality. With a shrug, you could forget where the power really lives. With a shrug, you could let something in. And when you’re ready to hear the multi-layers of simplicity it hits you like a rhyme junkie. Your addictions exposed, your realities dislodged, and the truth set to free.

Because the question now beckons – what would you rather be a junkie of?

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