Involuntary Reroute

While “flying to the moon so I can dance amongst the stars” sounds pretty romantic – the NASA space training doesn’t. Or my confidence in Richard Branson (Sorry Rich!). Or the ticket price.

Fly me anywhere else (not everywhere else) and I’d be in heaven. But who can afford it these days huh? Holidays break people into sweats and pangs of anxiety. And then there’s the bill. Why can’t holidays feel like something out of a first-class catalogue? I mean, we totally deserve it.

Who am I kidding huh?  Then I saw this video. Expose really, about the art of flying and how airlines actually work. And it all made so much sense. Because when you’re ummm small somehow the big things feel absolute, out of reach, and beyond our means. Who would have guessed flying was a stock exchange game. And yet it makes absolute sense. Kinda like … maybe even… gym memberships?!

And in a world that says it’s who you know that matters – when it comes to airline tickets – apparently it’s what you know (and where you exert your power and smart-i-ness) that makes all the difference.

The greatest irony is you might be flying high up there in the sky in a tin can – but the airline pricing business is really an underground world.


Episode after episode, revealing a frighteningly reassuring truth. We’ve been dupped. Blinkers and all. Told we are undeserving. Made to settle on squish. Treated as third-class –  just by making it to Economy. Sigh. That’s not right with the world!

What makes it even more … let me use the word magical …is that it’s not even about settling scores or overpaying. I mean from a business perspective it’s a shady move – and yet it makes sense – and yet everything you ever thought you knew about it comes to shambles.

Maybe this is why in Biz Class people don’t look at the lean business canvas to any airline. It’s a little too threatening to see the real numbers and understand the real operations run by these pivotal giants. Instead, all we’re left to look at is the service department or at best the innovation that lead to it. But get practical and you’re in a void of unknowns and “can’t answer that’s”. is a PODCAST exposing how airlines REALLY fill their most comfortable seats, with the life story of a college pledge turned exec as the backdrop. It’s thrilling, engaging, absorbing. Like really absorbing …


The concept I can’t seem to shake is that when it comes to first class – no one overpays. And when it comes to us. Well. Somehow we get tossed into a world that might have us paying for someone else’s “personalized pajamas”

And yet this concept of being made to pay isn’t something we’re unfamiliar with. INVOLUNTARY REROUTE, on the other hand, left me reaching for wikipidepia.

Instead this is the best I could side:

Involuntary Reroute (@ivreroute) | Twitter

The latest Tweets from Involuntary Reroute (@ivreroute). Exposing airline trickery, deceit & deception.

I couldn’t help but wonder if this is like the new Snowden expose of the next big rip off?
Ok – heads up you do pay to get wise – and we can call that life. But with the amount of head boggling information I have floating around in my head right now, I’m seriously digging up some interesting questions.
I feel like I’ve had the blinkers ripped off my eyes.
It’s soooooo genius, obvious, and twisted I’ll never think about being fooled twice. And what I appreciate about this platform is it’s relevant and designed to keep you in the loop.
Most cat-of-of-the-hats only means the Players change hats on you.
These guys look like they are in it for commitment. And good flights too.
So check out that Twitter account.
And get in the know.



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