The long road home

cory m coons 5

Sometimes the Darkness needs to dress in politeness and a big leather jacket. Sometimes it needs a bridge, someone to make it all the more approachable by. Without being made to feel wrong for feeling. In this familiar sounding album, lives that darkness – that part we rage against the machine for, the part that just wants to let the world knows that while it might sting – it stings too.

For some reason, this line I just overheard on the TV seems somewhat appropriate too. “It’s my war and I’m not going down without a fight”. Where it lands in the album is still uncertain. But somehow it yearns to be part of my response.

Now, Cory has just released a brand new melodic rock Cd/Album “The Long Road Home”, in early 2018. It has been produced by Multi-Gold & Platinum veteran music producer, Ron Nevison, (Heart, Bad Company, Damn Yankees, Survivor, Styx, Night Ranger.) Additional tracking/overdubs, and driving force on guitar on the new record is guitarist/engineer Marc D. Muir.

Cory was nominated at the “Producer’s Choice Honors”, (formerly Los Angeles Music Awards), in the “Rock Artist Of The Year” category for 2015. He was the 2014 recipient of the Producer’s Choice Honor for “Studio Album Of The Year,” for his Independent E.p “Share A Little Time”. Additional nominations also included “Male Singer/Songwriter” and “Record Of The Year”. Cory’s influences are a collection of various genres like melodic rock and roots-rock, blended with hints of country-rock.

With the devil in the lyrics and a call to bold brave, and your embers need a little more love before you set your world on blaze – this feels like that album. Soft enough to not burn you, edgy enough to not let you settle.

Oh and did I mention that sassy country twang?!

Bold enough to call you on your smallness and discerning enough to inspire your best bits (like allowing yourself to be number 1) this album kicks up some serious dust at a whole lot of things.

Oh and I love how it doesn’t take itself or the message too seriously. No need to preach. It’s just about allowing yourself to be met and that smile to cross your lips. And Cory seems to be really good at that.

Take it with you on your next road trip, wake up to it, or let it fill the cracks in your suburbian days …

The sides of us that we know not to love never sounded like this. And with that, we heal.


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