Why I love music


This is why I love music. It’s range. Scope. Everythings welcome. Everything allowed. And you’re allowed to love it all. The days of x versus y and having to draw boundaries into rocks that don’t even exist are over. Eclectic is understood and part of the human experience as we touch more of our very essence.

From Goth-Punk-Rock to Hillbilly-Country that makes me wish I paid better attention in Irish Dance classes, Jeremy Parsons touches the parts in me that dream, the parts in me that love, the parts in me that smile, the parts in me that play.

With an album written in truth, carved in love, delivered in essence, and unravelled in authenticity each word writes its own symphony. Because sometimes we need to be reminded of the permission we have to be here and feel that.

Jeremy draws from his personal experiences to create songs that are keenly perceptive and meaningful. His first single from his latest album, “Things I Need To Say” was the Top 40 Roots Music Report and IndieWorld Report track, “Burn This House Down.” The song paints a poignant picture of heartbreak and acceptance that still remains relatable. It will stick with you long after your first listen. That single was followed up by the equally well-received, “Why is the Bluebird Blue.”  It remains a Top 40 Roots Report americana single.  The videos for both songs were nominated and selected for numerous Film Festivals, including the Jersey Shore Film Festival, Indie’s Best Films Festival, and the Monkey Bread Tree Film Festival, an IMDB-sanctioned film festival.

So what tales is this album left to tell:

File Aug 04, 11 56 44 PM

I’m going to stick with this theme of permission slips. Freedom. Untangling. Remembering. Home Coming. Even if it means burning down the house. After all, there is a distinction with home and house. And it’s pretty loud.

_MG_3134In my body, this album brings compassion to the tension to the tension in my shoulders. Allowing it to co-exist while everything unveils around it. It’s like those viral videos that bring you to humility, humanity, and tears.  Made with feelings as cords and vibrations that happen to carry music, this album holds worlds while letting them come crashing down.

I’m also tracking grace rising. A scattering space where all of the patches of rock – country – soul – trace together like a second coming.

And how can I not love an album that dares to write about Purpose (being such a purpose junkie myself) and turn it into a full on track. And say exactly the right things. If every Millenial hasn’t found it yet – you’ll have to follow the links to the website to get it.

And as a final comment, I can’t seem to shrug and wonder how old this soul might be?! A redundant question in exploring life for we can look old before we even start living – but this guy looks young for everything he has lived, touched, and allowed into his world – and with careful authenticity translated into a web of tracks your playlist is looking for.









In awe, wonder, and playfulness.

I really liked that.


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