Give Me More


In a world hungry for love, the right to want more – connection, touch, intimacy brings us to life. Maybe even the edge of the dancefloor. Or in the case of this track, the very heart of it.

Alisa Chirco isn’t scared to say what she wants and be the voice to help countless love-sick souls feel a little more human, and a helluva lot more love.

With lyrics that echo like a creed, beats that become a manifesto, and lusty vocals that just lure you in without a pang of desperation – this is not your classic love track. It’s a powerhouse protest to more, real, now.

Ideal for anyone with a love language that has anything to do with Quality time, Physical touch …. words of affirmation … heck all and any 5 of them… really. This wraps everything up in a bow without giving once ounce of power away.

Yes Ladies, we can have our man and still be in our power.

No crowns need to be given up in the process

And it sounds a little like….

Get More Online:

Recommendation Factor: 9/10.

Play-again-ability: I’m sorry, I’m still grooving. Did you say something?


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