Tough on Fridays

First of all, I’ve gotta send out the biggest shout out to that Band Name.  It says everything of the duality of creativity, freedom, spunk, work-life balance, and the full power to stand in your truth. In these Ladies case – it’s with the music. And on Fridays. Or maybe that, everyday we have the power to live – breath – act – play like we do when we courageous plunge out of expectations, anticipations, and responsibility to actually be the toughest act. Who we really are. Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. tof-logo-transparent.png

After all it’s been said that:

“Tough on Fridays …. play with a confidence and artistry beyond their years while still invoking every bit of the style’s needed energy.”” by  Scott Wigley from  Skope Magazine

They would sum it up something like:

Tapping into a unique magic that was all their own, Tough On Fridays began to release singles into the online world and firmly established themselves within the local scene as a reliable source of electrifying entertainment.  Featured in massive festivals like Texas Indie Fest, where they were selected as crowd favorites, & showcased on the nationally syndicated PBS show The Texas Music Café, Tough On Fridays came storming out of the gate focused & ready to make their mark in music history.  Embracing every opportunity to plug-in & play for the people, Katie & Caleigh continued to find their way to the spotlight center-stage, and every time they had the chance to perform, they brought the crowd right on to their side by putting their heart & souls on the line and into every note they sing & play.  Holding nothing back in their wildly expressive sound, fusing melody & attitude into powerfully memorable hooks with massive crossover appeal – Tough On Fridays creates bold music that the people truly want to hear.

And they’ve been compared musically and lyrically to some pretty impressive Musos. Don’t believe me? Sneak a peak around:


So that brings me to this little kit landing on my desk:


Now live albums are always tricky. Sometimes to unstripped from their own essence, sometimes not able to be held in a room of anticipation, and sometimes just plane messy. Live Albums measure something far to particular to cast a vote by. Sometimes it’s personality, sometimes its fire, in this case – I must admit it was a struggle to pin down. What revealed itself was a blend of edge and unregrettable defiance and desire to stand on it’s own.

Best listened to with headphones. It’s too subtle and easy to loose.

With raspy vocals that speak in tongues of youthful maturity, beats that make you bounce like a Tigger (like the good music of the 90’s did) and a sharpness that doesn’t appreciate being called little or girlish in any dimension. There’s a brash kinda “what will it take to make you listen” that feels like it doesn’t need to beg or plead. A surreal contentment. And sometime that’s still growing into being.

There’s something that has the potential to rise here.

And if you follow my posts you’ll know how much I love this quote where we discover that none of this can be created – it can only be met, ignored, or actualized. I hope this band chooses the last door.

And with it being day 364 – they’ve got the space to make it their own.


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