Music. Travels.


Jason Silva had this amazing rambling about the transportive quality of music. Like it’s both the passport and the destination. And there are very few things in the world that get to inhabit multiple places like that. Music, for sure is one of them. So when this landed on my desk, with the name “Travel” instantly I felt the kindered soul of “oh yeah, I get you”.

And while the track/single “Automatic People” holds no mysterious dubsteps, or foreign inclinations it rips up quite a feast of the kinda beats I once listened too. With nostalgia, like travel, and lyrics that awaken spores under ones beckoning skin. Un-numbing tingles, unraveling with lyrics that haunt the shadows of our former selves.

Afterall, where else would you feel safe to touch the contours of ghost towns, with pure innocence and playfulness if it wasn’t for music. Creating perspectives where there were none to be held.

Keep your pace and stay in line

The train pulls away on time

Race through the turnstiles on the concrete

Fill the aisles and every seat

All through the tunnel underground

The subway hums a numbing sound

Open the doors to the walking feet

Empty faces fill the street

Yeah, so it’s remarkably brutally honest. You got a problem with that?

After all how can music move you, it is doesn’t have the capacity to move you?

It reminds me of another track that entrenched itself under my skin way back in High School. A tell-it-as-it-shouldn’t-be-but-is concoction of truths that drive jolts up one’s spin.

Congrats. You’re human.

Also, a very smart move. With pitch perfect production and quality lyrics, I could see the fierce battle ensue to dub this dark horse as the next motion picture soundtrack.

Well played.

With every pun intended.

With a displaced sadness, and matter of fact numbness this track (and video) writes itself. Speaking from the Matrix, to it, with every best intention – and catchy pick up lines – this track is all kinds of different. And where it misses overplayed enthusiasm, and over produced annunciation, it makes up for with a cord cutting humbleness.

The simple things can really leave a dent.

Don’t you think?

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