I choose you …


Perhaps the 3 least spoken words known to the lips of lovers across the world. And not the words you would think about that holds any connotation to anything “Solo”. And yet its reverence and reverberation if felt so deeply in the lyrical content of this title track. And every delicious fizzling, popping, bubbling sigh that accompanies it. This is the song you’ve been asking for. Because another love song never hurt the planet. Promise.

With etherial masculinity and pop soda commercialability (yes, I heard that), this new twist on expectations feels surprising, nocturnal, culturesome, and trendable. With copious amounts of originality and familiarity (why does this make me want to reach for Coca Cola?!), it’s got the makings of a one-hit wonder – that shouldn’t settle for just that.

If Bruno Mars, Owl City, and LFO ever melted together it could easily sound something like this.

Tell me if you agree.

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One thing is for sure, this solo “Solo” track is playful, descriptive, immersive, and holding no experience back. Bringing in just the right amounts of structure and a whole lot more imagination – you’ll be excused for playing it twice. Ok, maybe just one more time.

And with just this one song – I’m curious. Drawn in. Wondering what’s to rise and where his dancing toes will pounce to next. Coz with just one song, the distinctive musical choices and crisp musical intentions show some kind of master plan. And it sounds like its designed to courageously step into 2019 and leave nothing behind.


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