“A few years back I was going through some boxes of old things from my parent’s house and I came across a photo of my mother who had passed away some years earlier. I was instantly transported back to the days right after her death and I felt so much sadness that I was surprised because I thought I had “gotten over it” but as I always knew deep inside we never get over our losses, we just learn to assimilate them and this thought is the inspiration behind photo. That we can be doing well one minute and just a picture or a scent or someone’s hand writing can remind us of our loved one and we are transported right back”

Chrissie Romano Band Photo.jpg

When one thinks of songs about death, things just get very dramatic. Don’t they? All so serious, synaptic overloads, overtures, and so many kleenux. This isn’t that mourn-again kinda deal. It’s surprisingly upbeat. If I didn’t know better, I’d think it’s a girl who grew stronger while still keeping her heart open for the love that was there. In some way, it’s like that for all of us. With a different kinda love being celebrated. And a soundtrack that celebrates the life in death combo.

It’s the way more songs should be written.  At least in this genre. With power, remembrance and a flair of celebration. Who wants to constantly feel guilty for passing over? Nope, from now on out, this lady is trailblazing the new sound of yesterday. The kind that sounds like tomorrow.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not tactless, cold, or emotionless. See for yourself.

Crisp. Poignant. Emotional. Re-lived Live (this is not a show people!) with such indeering lyrics and voice control that’s too authentic to control. With zero fear to be humble, real, and on the edge of what she really feels, this track just pours out of her in all the right ways.

Wanna know if it’s too the core. I think so.

Stream more here:

So now you’re more than impressed. Borderline fan really.

You know what that means


Parting thoughts:

With an eloquent range to hold both the dark and the light in the undertones of her vocals, this band headed by  John Pasquarella   | Chrissie Romano | Ken Romano deserve the music within them.  More than that, you deserve to listen. So if you haven’t done the click-play thing. Now is your chance.

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