Ferera Swan


Now there’s an album cover that makes an impression.

Up-Close-and Personal, wrapped up in class. Quality. Refined. With Distinction. It’s the kind your eye falls welcomingly too in a busy isle (when we used to shop for albums in a store). It’s the kind of album that makes you question – have we missed something? Should we have heard it before.

Now it’s time to find out if the wrapping meets the truth.

With haunting, under the skin, resonant unfolding as the opening cords chase across your skin, you know you made the right choice before a lyric ever gets spilled. And the minute that voice collides with your senses, you know it’s true. A smile crosses my lips. My eyes pause to close.

And in that pause everything untangles. Life breathes back in. Grounding, so much grounding. Power rising with gentle serenity and compulsion. The heart takes center stage – proving its worth. And tears roll down my cheek as she speaks her soul, and the words we all deserve.

I won’t say what.

You’ll know it when you hear it.

By how even more beautiful your new crack is.

And in this line, I’m reminded of the Japanese form of Kintsukuroi (to fill the cracks with gold) and I realize this isn’t music anymore. It’s human expression. It’s art. It’s gold.

And all of our gold, hers included needs to be known.

So add this to your playlist.

And do your little tributes here.

Ferera Swan Socials:

Shall we do that again?



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