A Broken Song

Ever listened to a track, and just knew that this is worth your time. Like “if only” and “so close” and “maybe just” whisper in between breaths, and an indescribable resonance collides. Some times a track plays out there in the ether, in the kind of frequency that makes it notable. A head turner. A tuner inner. A familiar twang. Could this be that track for Rhett Repko?

Well, their album “Songs of the Night” just broke into the NACC Top 200 this week at #152. So there’s something to be said about that…

With an ether of Pixies “Where is my mind” blurred with traces of Radiohead’s “Creep” and “Boulevard of Broken Breaks” and maybe even something “Wonderwall”  these haunting shadows of scratched up incomplete fill the air with nostalgia. Dark everydayness that tastes like memories trace over the beats. The new timeless hit for the evolving generation.

It’s been said that

fnlipgfebilnlnbn.jpg“with a voice in his chest, a guitar on his shoulders, and a band behind his back, Rhett Repko only has one goal: to bring his influences of timeless classics into today’s modern music scene. “Music has the ability to deliver raw unfiltered emotions from one person to another.” Rhett goes on to say, “Records today tend to be produced to perfection, but those aren’t the ones we love.”


And in a simple way that’s indisputable. Blame a good ear to know what lingers and the ability to translate it. Although, there’s a fine line of mimicry and although he didn’t corrupt the soundwaves – that overlude is a little too killer.

All it takes is enough to capture and hold, question and entice, arouse curiosity and play a little stream.

Call it a little fascination …

A rising.

A notable.

Just imagine what life will bring to this sound, this voice, and these lyrics.

With the potential to grow into something – let’s make sure they stick in play.




You know what you gotta do.

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