Are we there yet & Forgotten Souls

Are we there yet? 

Fridays come around harder these days. Hollower. Emptier. Realer. And somehow, that feels good. It’s like we’re becoming more real. More planted in our truth. More aligned to our music. Without blissful naivety, unbridled enthusiasm, or expectations this track does that.

With almost an encapsulating vibe, caught by the ultimate horror: the here and now, this instrumental slices away the superfluous, grounding imagination into tangible realizations, with almost haunting meticulous meditative precision.

Are we lost? 

The more I allow myself to be absorbed, the more I realize. As the repetitive grains carve out the present moment – face the shadow of the truth. There’s nowhere to go but now.

This instrumental becomes almost symbolic by now. It’s own kind of reckoning. Perhaps even a religious moment. I can just track the scene across my own life or the spellbinding cinematography of a motion picture. The chaos never felt this soft before. The horror never felt as holding. Lost, fleeting, the loss is only fractures of a sensation.  And what might feel like the deepening hole pulling me into pangs of shadows, is turned ever so slightly into moments of strength. That final breath.

forgotton Souls artwork

Are we forgotten?

The same track keeps playing. Those grooves are distinct now. Stories heightened, wanting to cast shapes on the walls. The presence deepens. Tracking how the body shifts, stirs, auto-corrects and breathes. I honestly didn’t think I’d get here by any simple means. Carried on the whisper of a haunting recollection of beats, that unearth everything. Face to face with what we think is forgotten. The things that bump us in the night. In the corners. In the flurry. In the unknown.

What I tracked in my body trying flung off guard, leaning in to understand, the annoyance, and then breaking through into presence felt cinematically empowering. Brave does not need to live in thunderous symphonies. Sometimes the most trivial instrumentations are the ones that define us because they feel the most like us.

With 3 minutes that can rip you apart or bring you peace, the intention isn’t clear. That makes me smile. Taken off the album called “Pieces from the Shadow Dimension: The Horror Movie Inspired Music and Rock Collection”, I find myself strangely allured.

This might not have been the way you imagined hunting down your week. Stalking it to a close. And yet, for that reason and the in-betweens, you really should have pressed play.

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