Want to get Lost with me?


Songwriting is breathing life into something new in hopes that, in turn, it breathes new life into someone’s soul. In order to give it that chance, you share it. Every late-night writing session with the keyboard turned down, every rainy Sunday afternoon spent willing your brain to be even more original, and every solitary acoustic heartbreak becomes public domain for the sake of art, and connection, and transparency.

That’s what happens when Addisyon Chafe happens.

And when you’re willing to get as lost as she’s prepared to go the world becomes uncharted, words fall, love rises, and that voice breaks the silence.

I’ll admit, naming a track after a much iconic Celine Dion song can leave on hanging in the shadow of the mightiest of giants. I wondered if she had the weight to break that spell. And without expectation or assumption, I allowed what follows to wash over me.

And that it did.

This uniquely original piece humbled me to a gentle smile.

Thank you for encapsulating a slice of heaven.

With poetry, seasonality, light full spaces inbetween – lost became a beautiful, eloquent, mesmerising pause and homecoming of the heart.

In a world filled with love songs, I might even imagine this being that song that takes my heart down the aisle. It’s officially in my top 3 love songs, and I’ve never heard anything just like this.

Addisyn Chafé spent over 2 years working on her first album before setting its release date for March 1st of 2019. She wanted to create something incredibly honest that dealt with both the pain of the darkness and the relief of the light. Lost is a collection of songs about having hope in the waiting…but it’s only the first part of the story.

Her title track lives up to and beyond the cords of the perfect first hit Wonder. Her lyricality – happy tears, and the musicology feels like …. surrender, soft candy cotton feathers, daffodils, and every moment of magick you think you forgot about.


And the cherry blossom in all of this, the way she touches postmodernism, hybridises digitization and swirls in tenderness into …






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