Forth & Clay

Album Art

Dancing on the line of the old and the new, with originality in hand, lies Pittsburgh-based quartet: The Vics. Playing regularly, The Vics are a contagiously energetic avenue of nouveau indie rock littered with classic blues overtones.

The Vics Photo 1.jpg


My ear immediately clicked on “Forth & Clay”

A new and enticing piece of musicology from those guys known as The Vics blurs into play. . With unassuming ease, yester-vibes, and a chillaxing groove, it fits comfortably over the radio waves. Steadfast, with lyrics that drip with intelligence and smells like Hollywood in the golden olden days. Where everyone was a pin-up, with a wink in the eye, and a smirk in the corner pocket of their lips.

I mean… really:

“Charlie is on the wall with James
Marilyn is stealing the scene
I can’t believe this place had once sold out
there’d be no minimum to get me to leave”

The complexity is uncharted, subdued and delivered in a style that feels like nonchalant in anyways. With simple cords and singalongs, it’s the kinda piece that can easily live under your breath – in a way that makes you feel proud.

They have the kinda music and look that pockets them in a world where music simply can’t be wrong. Somewhere between All that and Class. They don’t make them like that anymore. And they’re oh so relevant to. Maybe even proud – like the other single track.

I don’t know why but I want to say Boho. Not in that hippieesque space but in it’s usual, familiar cordiality that layers Blur, The Police, and that other guy (the name has just escaped me) with a sensational something else. The makings of a full body nod that can effortlessly twist the commercial scene around its little finger.

They should be proud.

Find them online

Find Us Online
Facebook @thevics
Instagram @thevicsofficial
Youtube @thevics
Twitter @thevicsband




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