noun: requiem; plural noun: requiems
  1. (especially in the Roman Catholic Church) a Mass for the repose of the souls of the dead.
    “a requiem was held for the dead queen”
    • a musical composition setting parts of a requiem Mass, or of a similar character.
      “Fauré’s Requiem”
    • an act or token of remembrance.
      “he designed the epic as a requiem for his wife”
Middle English: from Latin (first word of the Mass), accusative of requires ‘rest’.
And with that can we just take a sacrilegious moment of pause (maybe envy) to gasp in wonder at this little nugget of art.
And you don’t even need to be knocking at the gates of heaven or hell to get it.
Then. I saw it.
My lips smiled.
My pulse giggled.
All because of a track called “All Dawgs Go To Heaven”
I’ll admit I was so excited I almost forgot to press play.
Here’s what happened when I did.
Yes, not the video I was expecting either.
And yes, I’m perfectly aware it wouldn’t actually be about dogs.
This submersive sound, underwater track, has more depth than that.
And more reverb than a wolf howling at the moon.
But let’s just say how pro-school MTV readable that video is!
Between the Disturbia, twisted volumes, clammering voices, shock factor visuals, and craftsmanship – it’s clear that the lines of genius and madness are blurred by simply being on the wrong side of a white lab coat.
That’s an interesting thought in and of itself.
But we don’t here to ponder. We’re here to consume. No that’s not it either.
We have the lyrics to bless for that.
Yup with lyrics worth getting closer too (even if they bite)
and that guitar solo (you know which one)
This absurd reality is in full stereo view.
So go on. Get a little closer.
Get shocked.
Then come back to life here:
Talk about showing their guts and bleeding for the arts.
They really threw themselves over the ledge on this one.

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