Shadow Visions


You might be easily confused to think you’re on a trip through the world of Geisha into the dark emerging midnight – technotactical, pulsing surrealisms, and a sound that’s borderline. On the edge of every reality, everything we know, want to know, and don’t know this sound – like it’s lyric is escapable. Undefinable, not to be pinned down under the thumb, and let us just say actually slippery. Kaleidoscopic for sure.

It’s thick and heavy on the first consumption.

Strangely alluring and jarring.

Music juxtaposed.



It scrunches my nose.

And scratches my head.

Yes. No. I don’t know. Wait?! Where are we …

Hologramic, blurred shadows, and beats of beat it feels like the cracking into the inbetween of things. The half-formed. The unknowns. Places we don’t think we occupy.

Earls sound is very…. ummmmm Earl. You’d expect that from an artist known as Earl. And yet, I’m still swirling around this. Like I imagine they do with wine or cognac. This track feels like an acquired taste.

Let me show you what I mean.

And yet, something about it feels incredibly now. Like obviously so. Like not just in the subculture streets of Japan (would be such a hit there) but something between the underground breaking day.

We’ll need to investigate more.


Till then my vote remains uncast.

And I think there’s a lot to be said with being polarising these days.

It’s where real art is made.



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