Light On


The edges are far more comforting when someone leaves the light on.

When someone leaves the hope on. When some trace of love remains.

Comfort. Holding. Any kind of certainty you can take.

Because all we want is a chance.

When everything seems to want to leave, call it an end, and dig its own shallow grave, this track rips ups a thunderous revival. A beckoning. A begging. Invitation.

With easy soothing sounds, that could be branded as a rockabye lullaby, and lyrics that revoke darkness, it feels like something out of Aerosmith. I mean, a different voice, but retroactively it so could have made its dent on the Armageddon Soundtrack. There’s a simple kind of richness to the underscore that’s visually pleasing.

And with a track that can be cut to salvage 1000 stories, this is perhaps the best use of music video imaginable.

In a quest to grow, change, not change at all, the human conundrum takes on a new level. Where what once fit, walks on. Forever leaving a dent where there was just light before.

Now that I think of it. It’s almost the perfect lyric. The very thing we all search for.

But instead, we spend time searching for things like



until we come to

and beyond.

This is the kinda track that understated but not forgotten. Now, all we need is the movie score to turn it from a memory into a full emotional symphony.



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