What would Freddy say…

freddys nightmare lair artwork.png

Demolished scathing derelict darkness, twisted hallows, contorted corners, rotten drapes fluttering in a breathless room. By some unspoken magic, evil, the room moves. Stalking, hunting, seducing, trickery. It’s like a hunger now.  The sinews groan at the delight of a new taste to famish their endless void. This quickstep, quicksand Lair within a lair fight its urge to devour until the most devasting of moments. Instead, it offers up heightened sensations, the innocence of white keys played on the light end, masking a deeper realization. It’s almost dizzying. This disorientation. Again, beautiful things can’t be dangerous, but right now the blood drains and breath rushes. This is what anticipation sounds like. And it’s relentless in its desire. Nightmares cast shadows and shape up on the wall. Trust evaporates. Delirium takes over, doing the work of the monsters. With an uncomfortable ease, it pulls you in. Asking to be peeled back. Asking to come closer. Asking to step inside. Well, offering no way out but into the belly of the night.

It’s got you now. The end comes to quick. And never misses a beat.

Only to toy with you like childsplay.

It’s a cruel kinda orchestra.

With the lavish flutterings of glimmer and enough to make one see glitter where there’s only dust becoming stale.

Or …

It’s the best little trick to meeting the darkest part of your soul.

Whichever comes first.


Freddy Krueger doesn’t even need to say much. He’s been justified. At most a horrific smile. Cruder than the lair could ever tell.

So where does that leave us?

On the edge of https://store.cdbaby.com/artist/Skullraiser


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