Aaron Hart - Valentine Artwork

Unexpected with a delicious and delirious palette, this took me with a smile and pleasant surprise.  When you think it’s all just another air-punch rock-n-roll, “Green Light” begs a new kind of attention. It’s is a soiree of altering places and alternating times. Exactly as it should be. And kinda reminds me of Gatsby in only the most poetic ways.

And while the love affair with the piano continues into tracks like Fairytales, this album elicits a stirring. Where silence is respected. And a hall pass with those gentle giants: Alicia Eyes, Elton John, Queen, Nora Jones. With more grey than play and fewer twists than Melua, this humble imagination explores itself. I feel like I’ve been let in on some secret.

While the last track that caught my attention. Untraditional, unstripped, acoustics. The title track Valentine soothed over the edges. It’s the song that lives in a limbo that’s been begging for expression and holding. And there’s a way in which Aaron holds it in the most obvious ways.

In all, it’s sophistication, crisp distinctions and subtle hints, this album feels more mature than most would come to expect. Especially with a rockstar cover. It’s like biting into a great piece of quality chocolate only to discover a secret compartment of melancholy, heart, and feelings.

Perhaps the best-kept secret. After all, we already know the A-Lister side of these guys.

(yes, I’ve reviewed the wilder stuff here too!)


Talk about Range… The B side is mesmerizing.

valentine video


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