It’s a Friday fling


Hailing from Western Pennsylvania, Gary Burk III’s musical journey began at age 9, while riding along with his dad to their family camp. There was a song playing on the radio…some old-time country tune that touched Gary in a way that would change his life forever. Drawing inspiration from his biggest influences, Alabama, Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan, Gary fronts his 3 piece band of outlaws, performing at events across the region.


I’m guessing you’re all like: That’s nice – but is it gooood?

An honest enough question in a world gone temperamental and forever chasing two steps ahead.

Shall we?

So there’s this new single on my “desk” and it looks a little like Friday Night. Considering its Sunday afternoon which can only be followed by the thick of Monday – We’re all fans of anytime Friday merch. So bonus points to capitalizing on what we want more of.


I’ll be honest though. Something about the cover art feels off. The fans aren’t raving to Gary’s music. In fact, it could be said he’s just entering the scene. Though the psychology of it could be pretty smart. All this anticipation surely means its a really good thing (not fling). After all, it takes a certain jenese qua to command a room like that. And still, be Maverick about it.

And then it starts…

With the stuff that made Bon Jovi sensational, and lyrics that pump up the volume just for simply existing. And when the music kicks butt with it, you’ll triple that before you know it. Then there’s the anthem quality which is just plain smart. A creed for every dorm party, college student, rouge adolescent and lost soul. The core of every party, sing-along, party upper, and mantra – it’s got more wheels on it then an 18 wheeler would know what to do with.

Anby any culture, globe spinning relatable and some may even say aspirational – if this track doesn’t explode then we’re in the wrong universe.

You asked if it was good?

It’s a helluva lot more than that. With a twang.

And that’s my official statement.


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