what if you bloom?


Drifting into the weekend, wanting to rise above it all, touch the clouds like that day when my heart took flight … the perfect soundtrack, the sound of transcendence, and the kinda 2nd chance that make “we are the world” enigmatic. “Lift it Up” hits every cord. And while it’s easy to let it settle on matters of the heart, true love sets it free to bloom into what’s its really hear to tell us. And it may require tissues.

Not only is the composition exquisite, the vocals rich in texture, but the way every lyric carries substance and essence wraps grace and rapture into a creed that we all need to learn the lyrics to.

With strength, faith, invitation, and plausibility that takes no side, faith, or agenda, what struck me is this isn’t a song about what I have to do, but a song that says it believes in the best of you. The part of you that thrives for the greatest good in your little corner of home.

In a world of orders, lack, and shoulds.

This refreshing awakening wells me up with a soft yes.

There’s nothing more to say but bloom.



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