Memory is A Ghost

Can a band be neo-progressive rock and old school classic rock at the same time? It can if it’s Phantom Phunk. Their music will remind you of why you fell in love with vinyl in the first place, and yet …

Hold that thought.


Memory is a Ghost. Or so they say. Just the title alone stirred up wonder, ponder, and deliberation in me. You’ve got to love it when music does that. Or am I the only one that comes more alive with each new beat?

Enter old thought + track name + actual track and what happens next?

  • A smile, followed by a savouring kinda thinking, embellished in a finger tap.
  • A quirk-filled with amusement and originality.
  • A very different sound. That’s got the attitude, spunk, confidence, and well….
  • something very vogue, unexpected, and distinct.

One of those jarring love them or hate them sounds, that stick around with a drunk hangover of candy cotton ideals in a gangsta hood. Or a slipstream back into shoulder pads and the music of the ’80s. Austin Powers-ish gone blur (not Blur).

One thing for certain: The fun factor drips even it is sounds nothing like a band called Fun. I mean the other song is about an avocado. And a clear slice of distinction. And that’s no doubt.

Since 2018, Phantom Phunk has transformed into a three-piece core, and now consists of Alexa Toro on vocals, Nick Emiliozzi on drums and Hector Fontanet on guitar. Tracks from their latest EP, Struggle With Me (2018), also include features from local hip-hop artist Cloud Master Price. The blend of alt-rock and hip-hop gives the group a progressive sound comparable to the Gorillaz and No Doubt.

Where’s this rollercoaster gonna go?



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