When you’re doing what you’re here for

Finally, Nuclear, the fourth solo album of Leiva, an artist in a state of undisputable inspiration that prolongs the phenomenal impact achieved with Monstruos (his successful work of 2016), reaches stores and digital platforms today. If ‘Monstruos’ was considered one of the best pop-rock albums that has been made in Spain in recent years, Nuclear presents a Leiva in plenitude; as not only one of the great composers that has delivered the rock of Spain, but also a great instrumentalist and a vocalist with pure identity.

NUCLEARartwork.jpgWith a very elegant artistic concept, Miguel Conejo Torres, Leiva, has taken care of his new material formats like never before. He has been unveiling little by little the layers of a literally open heart, which we have been witnessing since the launch of the first single No Te Preocupes Por Mí, and with the advances NuclearLobos and En el Espacio.

Reading this, it’s easy to feel intimidated, to know this requires a humbling, crumbling, on my knees, level of respect. And he has it – but not for the obvious reasons.  Every piece of what we release is a signature of the kind of world we stand in – the kind of person we are – and what were created for. Putting religion aside, and Purpose into the spotlight, the levels of foresight, commitment to art, and the ability to live into the vision takes centre stage. Because when everything falls into accord, the music simply can’t help to align with something that feels a lot like Genius.

In terms of design, Boa Mistura has tried to translate what the Nuclear songs sing into their own artistic dialect: “We understand each song as a different and unique place on that journey to the epicenter, the place from which everything is born. The nucleus. (…) Doing so, each composition has been represented with a different puncture on a blank paper. It is a journey through 12 layers: abstract and different from each other, but when overlaid draw the way to the nuclear zone. (…) In the vinyl edition, the destination is the same, but the path is different. “

Think about it.

Everything designed to give you, me, and the heart of it an encapsulated space to feel every cord of it.

And with a title track that unwinds and unravels like this:

We touch the simple, the complex, and the art that allows the science of good music to sound like something extraordinary.

The level of intricacy, intentionality, musicology, and poetry are more than visceral on this album. In fact, no art is actually required to realize there’s nothing special moving through these veins. Yet, this unrelinquished commitment to integrity, in an industry of empty playlists speaks more politics than any parliament dare sign up for.

Allow yourself to be moved, entranced, and proud owner of this collectable nugget of gold. Here:

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