Liquid Poetry turned Music


Love – Love – Adore this album cover.

It’s smart, eloquent, and captivating, in the most Zen ways of course. The rich tonality of a colour pallete that dare not touch a fifth, speaks to precision and art. And like a protector for what lies within, it immediately raises the resolution, frequency, and playability of the track that lures me in. “Lullaby”.

The puppetry of this track rips into the imagination with cords that superseded the album art (in the most complimentary ways of course). In a way that made me hesitant to match the video to this experience. Could two perspectives of the same coin stand together?

But then worlds apart, this dissolved into view:

And the artistry took a new turn…. Whether pretty in puppetry or rouge unfiltered grey, there’s no backdrop that could do this level of musicality harm. Alluring isn’t it…? So much completion in the parts that are incomplete.

I adore the fusion of cello with wisdom and the finesse of singer-songwriter vibes, held together with an elegant jukebox at her feet. And romanticism, epic saga, fairytales, and lullabies infuse their magic into poetic lyricality.

Perhaps the most layered, soul-stirring, a multi-elemental nugget of gold I’ve heard, as played from the soul. It’s in my league of Angel by Sarah and all the other pieces of poetry that live on my playlist.

Maybe, this will nestle into yours?



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