New Road Home

New-Road-Home300.png Album covers say a lot. At least they do to me. You too? Well then, is it just me or is there something shamanically voyeuristic about this woman on wisdom, parting the mists of Avalon, staying true to her own meandering path, willing to let her soul be known?! Too much psychology or philosophy, I’ve been told that… and yet the poignant intentionality is so jarringly obvious. So I won’t say it surprised me to learn that:

“Deborah Berg is a performing songwriter and teacher whose distinctive voice, songwriting talents, and warm teaching style characterize her 38-year musical career. She is proud to be an official Martin Guitar and Sennheiser endorsed artist. In 2012, her single, “Goin’ Nowhere” from her album “No Rush” played on over 87 terrestrial radio stations, and Deborah was a featured ARTIST TO WATCH on iHeartRadio NEW! Discover & Uncover (through Clear Channel). New Road Home evokes a musical travelogue that transports listeners to parts both unknown and familiar.”

Clearly, an all-encompassing artist like this, who makes the journey home, and finds the courage to sing about it has something distinct to say. Or is it wisdom to part?

My eyes scan the titles:

  • Meet me in the middle
  • Full Circle
  • Silver of the Moon

and it sure does feel like the spiral home. But does its musicality take you there?

Oh yes, absolutely. With a voice that’s iconic in both depth, softness, and adaptability; it smooths like velveteen of clouds like lips on a glass of deep red wine. With poise, control, and unconscious awareness (almost innocence) everything drips into poetry.

An instantly recognisable as Lana Del Ray and Enya, she carves roads where there were only hopes before. And when the track comes too and end, she doesn’t leave. Each track infuses in ever so deeply, until the mists part, and the gasping silence is known.

It takes a certain kind of artistry to make the audience lean in. Deborah has this allure. As she walks the fine line of witchcraft, immersive cultures and something that bellows from the edges of something deeper…

Recorded at Grand Street Recording (Brooklyn, NY) with producer Ken Rich and mastered at Sterling Sound (New York, NY),  “New Road Home”  (2019) is Deborah Berg’s third solo album and sixth album to date, including her work with Julian Marshall as the 80’s band Eye to Eye.

It’s musicology that transforms, transcends and tantalizes to the very core of the bud.

And like a true healer and storyteller, you’ll instantly know you’ve met something pure.

Easygoing and intimate, “New Road Home” evokes a road trip through the mountains to both parts unknown and familiar milestones. Deborah’s inquisitive lyrics, lucid storytelling, and signature voice create classic country songs with plaintive bluegrass echoes.

The portraiture is exquisite and the range of landscape is just right.

Sample the songs and buy the album today at:


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