My kinda hero


With a cinematic intro, to match its name, “Hero” unrelentlessly pushes up space in your core. Driving up the darkness, landscaping the desire, beating up the thresholds, fighting and wriggling from its own being, awakening a force that can’t get helped but be engulfed by the trance of dance.

Until that voice reaches in, dark and sultry, sounding like the light. With power, grace, and rockability, Rockie cuts through the muck with a maturity that makes Lana tremble and Angelina raise her eyebrow.

“Hero” isn’t only kick ass and what the world needs, it’s the manifesto to write creeds by. The lyricality on this track with these vocals has the power to move anyone in every way. And when teamed with immaculate production and engineered musicology, it just slips into the sweet stream of “I’ve got number one written all over me, sigh!”

It’s the kind of track that rips you up. Dance please. Listen closer. Scroll more. My body didn’t know which experience to bring to the light, and yet the turmoil felt appropriate.

I still can’t get over those vocals. and …. geez, the whole thing.

It’s so seamless – to pick it apart would feel like a tragedy.

Somethings just deserve respect. volume. playbacks. This is one of them!

When’s the tour? Where’s the album? Want more?


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