12 Weeks of Summer – Part One

12 Weeks of Summer first four.jpg

What happens when a Rapping Math Professor, Chad Rico, Sets Summer School Lessons with 12 Weekly Hip Hop Releases?

Ummmm, Class is now in session….

Aside: When I’m not picking up albums and checking out what’s rising – I noticed one of the things that’s ingrained into my actual work-life-balance is the narrative of the wellbeing economy. So when I see an album cover with financial matched with school lessons, I notice myself breathing a little shallower. Gulp a little harder. Think sweatier. Judgement aside, and given the predominant economy is – and the bling culture says – I lift the veil and let the lyric be it’s own … and focus on the artistry. Saying that this happened:

Charge it to the game: With a self-righteous attitude, bling culture and unrelentless lyrics that aren’t impressed in your dull safe corners. Feel the finger in your face Society. There ain’t no room for pressing powder or wiping away the blood. It’s brutal, savage, and totally apocalyptic. Name your cause Rebel. It’s the kind of track that inflates your tyres and sets you into cruise control. It smells of money raining down. It’s not impressed by your powerlessness or excuses. It doesn’t have time for that. Go big or go home. It’s bold. Did I mention designed to ruffle your undercoat? And it will push you. Up or down is up to you.

Don’t trust you: Had me at the intro. It’s the antisepsis of what makes this track louder. With ancient synthesis that’s at the smooth cornerstone of the future, it hits every bullet point of an instant hit. It starts when you double tap that back to repeat. Oh, and the lyrics give you something to think about. But that groove – stellar.

Legend in the Coupe: Is too damn cute. Are you allowed to say that about hip hop? Most probably not. But hell, it comes with smiles. Not pretty, or butterflies, cute – not really, fun – now we are talking. This is the amalgamation of a sexy colab of attitude and distinct personalities that bleed together and bleed apart. With another impressive underscore. Maybe enough to cover the hard bits of where things started.

Pure what? Pure Highbury: Am I missing an education or geography lesson on this title?

“I am fully aware that there are haters who thought that as an academian, I would not be fully committed or able to demonstrate consistency as a music artist. They anticipated that my “Myth” project was a flash in the pan. June is my birthday month and for 32 years now, I have been proving that I am an individual who sets no limits with my endeavors. ’12 Weeks of Summer’ will cement my stamp in the music game with what I like to call teachable moments by dropping a different single every week!” notes Chad.

Well, I get the pure part right. It’s subtle but you’ll know it when you hear it.

Check out the full music track curriculum at https://www.goldandgemsrecords.com/12weeksofsummer.html.


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