Made Alive

God brought Brian and Katie together on Christmas Day 2016 when they both performed in a Christmas program at Brian’s church. Brian was with the praise & worship band and Katie was with a group of praise dancers who were invited to dance that day. After the service, they talked and found out that they were both involved in similar outreach ministries. They first got together to network and pool resources for serving displaced women and single moms who are typically overlooked and disregarded by churches and society. This issue remains near and dear to their hearts and is part of their ongoing mission and ministry (James 1:27). After many long phone conversations, the topic of writing and recording original music came up. Brian learned that Katie played piano and sang. Katie learned that Brian had numerous unfinished songs that he wanted her to look at and help him complete. A romance soon blossomed as their passions aligned, and they were married seven months later in July 2017. The pastor who married them learned of their musical ambitions and introduced them to his worship leader, who happened to be an ex-producer for a record company. With his help, they set up a makeshift studio at Brian’s office in Minneapolis where they recorded their first seven songs. That experience kindled a fire inside them to continue completing unfinished works and writing new songs that speak of God’s pure love for us, faithfulness, mercy and grace, often with prophetic messages given to them to help build up the body of Christ.

This is what they have co-created together.


From the first strike of the very thunderous first cord – I smiled in surprise. This track was completely unexpected and pitch perfect. Transitory, sexy rock spills that ain’t no sin, with lyrics that just hit the right spot. And while Jesus features as a collaborating artist on this track, I can’t see how anyone could have an issue. With seamless packaging and invokable quality – this track is definitely alive.



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