Surrender to the robots


I know it’s a tricky topic. A sensitive one. Filled with colliding ethics and unknowns. AND

With its flipping disregard, pop-rock culture, Paul Scott delivers a track that feels like it could belong to Queen – Elton – or any radical soul who remains uncompromising to his offbeat quirkability and lens of difference. Where genius creeps in and rules are broken, styles smashed, and vocals catch you in a rabbit hole of “I don’t know”. In something that feels like it could be a theatre show, with a glare of horror, and a spike of unknown this album surprises every me in every sensation. With music that does all the work for iteself and stands complete in itself, I honestly didn’t expect this level of artistry. Taking the best of the classics and remaking the world in all things original – this is something that’s just in its own lane.

Get it?

Got it.

Trust it.


The flavours are indestructible and indisputable while standing unflinching all on its own.


(Even my dad likes it).


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