Cry me a River

Pierce Project The Last Days of Summer(2).jpg

It’s hard to hear a title like “Cry me a River” and not be instantly taken back to Timberlake’s haunting duo. Yet with the first corb and a familiar sensation, I know there’s no competition. In fact, I’m even more excited to see what Pierre is up for – especially after the last review. And I’m not disappointed!

With lyrics that cut deep, with profound truth and a stabbing sensation that pricks life into the finest details. Revealing obligations and expectations and the hardest parts of humaning that we move with – with such childlike lightness and innocence that’s comforting beyond the cords.

If it’s not your song, then it’s the kind of song you know exactly who’s souls it pins too. Knowing this about the soul, the world, something, is the greatest act of … I can’t quite catch it under my pulse… intimacy. Maybe.

One of those tracks of 1 million layers. Best lived in repeat. Not in the past though.


Answers to those questions live right over here:

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