Blind Side


Planet Peacock The Brown Sound.jpg

I’ve never thought about it. The sound of brown. Yellow, red, black, white, even blue seems obvious. I’m not sure what to do with brown. (reaches for chocolate)

Then there’s that title. I notice it makes me cringe. Blind Sides are no fun. Not fun at all. If this album is going to be sticky then it better be delicious too.

Oh wait. Hold on. This intro sounds way to rockchic …

With legendary ripcords and good fashioned rock that bites in bitter ways, this is better than delicious or decadent or sweet. This is the sound of spice. And I’m turning up the volume, painting movie scores, feeling deeper, and inspired to dance.

Yes. Please. Absolutely.

This is really good.

And if it is not obvious:

They are online:

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