Deep in the water

American singer-songwriter Gary Douglas of The Gary Douglas Band has long been waging a battle with the forces of greed and injustice, both as a rebel rocker and as a Trial Lawyer Hall of Fame attorney. His uncompromising lyricism intertwines with propulsive rock n’ roll and finely crafted Americana melodies to imprint an infectious sound and resonating message. The Gary Douglas Band recently released their new single “Deep in the Water” (Redeux). Produced by Anthony (AJAX) Resta, the remarkable track highlights Douglas’ efforts on behalf of multiple plaintiffs battling DuPont for injuries sustained by the chemical giant’s illegal dumping of the dangerous chemical C8 into the Ohio River.

In light of this evidence, the following has come to pass.


An emotional stirring elixir of truth, unearthed rubble, and lyrics that strike your soul. It’s not some hillbilly protest. This is the truth behind the 8 clock story. The story we choose not to tell becuase we prefer fake news that wear us out with battles that take us nowhere.

With prolific execution, cinematagraphy that meets and compliments the artistry of every second of this medicine music.

Thank you.

It’s also very important that you know this:

Gary’s single and music video has already came out just before the new movie Dark Waters (featuring Mark Ruffallo). Both projects are not in affiliated at all however, they both discuss the same message. Gary’s song highlights the DuPont case he worked on, and how the chemical giant dumped cancer-causing chemicals into the Ohio river. The Dark Waters movie portrays Robert Billot the lawyer who initially discovered DuPont’s wrong-doings. Billot did bring Gary Douglas on to defeat DuPont. However that is not portrayed in the movie. Only until the last scene when it reveals that the lead trial counsel (Gary Douglas) won 700 million in punitive damages.

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