Music By Gestalt




noun: gestalt; plural noun: gestalts
  1. an organized whole that is perceived as more than the sum of its parts.
1920s: from German Gestalt, literally ‘form, shape’.
It’s fascinating really … what’s more fascinating is this:
Music By Gestalt Cover.jpg
Now, I’ll spare you the analysis and get straight to the music. Because true art and honest music says everything in its soul.

Acceptance is a beautiful act. Where actual harmony lives. In all the splatterings of light and dark, all the open jazz concepts, all lived into each cord. Mastery isn’t produced on engineered. It’s played with and played on, like an infinite game. That leaves the final rendition (never a product – but a moment in time) as engimatic, sweeping, captivating, embellished, furfilled and whole as the next 6 minutes of your life can be.

It’s called Church Music. I think it’s soul.

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