“Tongue Tied

Phantom Phunk Tongue Tied cover.jpg

Phantom Phunk is a songwriting project based out of Tampa studio Harmonic Factory. Using their studio space, the core group of writers manufactures sounds and beats that span beyond genre. With collaborative intent, their songs feature guest vocalists and producers to expand their musical ideas—a process which has culminated a diverse body of work since their debut in 2016. This musical ambiguity allows them to roam between genre styles ranging from psychedelic rock to cloud rap. Their Live show is an energetic, genre bending spectacle of sound, lights and imagery that will keep you moving on your feet.

Now take note:

Didn’t expect that delerium? I’m suprised. Every cord making lives up to what they stand for, profess, artistrate, articulate, and amp. Listen back. Louder. On your head. Watch it bounce off every wall with a different velocity. Let it splatter. Let it drizzle. Melt. Perfect for all those burning souls in lockdown.

Tastes like more?

Thought so.


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