Who remembers Lukas Rossi?

Lukas Rossi is a Canadian rock singer, songwriter, musician now living in Nashville. Rossi was the winner of the CBS Television reality series Rock Star: Supernova – a televised audition contest to become lead singer of the hard rock supergroup Rock Star Supernova. (Lukas Rossi, Tommy Lee, Johnny Colt, Gilby Clarke, Jason Newsted).

Well, it turns out that this other SuperNova is just as human as I am.

The actual proof follows.

With a cover that’s darker than the pool of shadows within, the musicology has a slow synthetic that sounds like legends, authentic to the core, raw. With beauty cracks drip gold, without holding back, the conditions become known. Unfiltered, deglossed and almost apostolic – the creed that follows is one of the most human songs I’ve heard. Without excuses, the best foot put forward is afoot put forward.


Will you follow?


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