Remember Summer?

A cornucopia of uptempo Nouveau Flamenco, Acoustic Pop, Vibey Reggae, Smooth Jazz and Trippy Beatnik atmospheres for the lazy Sunday afternoon at the beach under a palm tree, backyard bbq party, long scenic road trip or the morning after.


So have you had your Slang experience yet? After all, Los Weekend is the 7th solo album by Canadian guitarist, producer Slang. Lucky 7. One of my favourite numbers and a great time to drop in – pull up a hammock (if I had one) pour a cocktail and shimmy in.


I must admit that playlist tickled me with it delicious names, alliterations, and picture painting soulfulness. Though that gecko looks more like a frog, I think it’s just my lack of music that’s making me pick up trivial distinctions that might not even be real. So feed me some good music and a whole lot of siesta to slip into my dreams. (Then again, I’m revisiting the idea of listening to this before bed – what if it’s like the red bull of music shots and I’m left imagining I know salsa as I dance on my roof from the comfort of my bed. This could all be going horribly wrong – but great music is worth it. Is this?!)

Ariba Amigo – here we go.

Playful, vibrant, opulent, and embodied to the fullest this instrumental album lacks nothing but the volume on your end. With modern-esc techno flavourings, and a seasoning of nostalgia, and a dash of bite – it’s an all-around – everywhere you go – always take the weather with you – kinda deal. And while it might leave you a little “Dizzy”, intoxicated on how your own body craves to move – there’s a breath of space waiting to be filled. With sunset dips, and loungy feet buried deep in the sand, “Fading Slowly” takes you by the hand like a lover and shows you the stars in the night sky. In that place between dawn and dusk. Before the bonfires click and crackle into play. Because when they “Get Up” they push the pace up again to what’s to follow with loving inflexions and careful considerations. So by the time we rise into “Epic Glow” your body is ready, packed, and longing to twirl. And twirl you will when you hit the “Pub Street”.

It’s not even trying to be cute but it’s gonna make you play like only your soul and the music could ever know. Rip it up. You deserve another summer.

Los Weekend is currently available for download on:
Apple iTunes:
and on several leading online music outlets.


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