Across the Board


With a sense of suspended familiarity, Across the Boardwalks that fine bridge between cliches with such notable ease its easy to spot. Bringing a sound to rock that’s timeless of bygone era’s and an era that rock would never dare touch – something starts to rise.

Let me see if I can lean into this a little more.

Jacqueline Auguste holds an unnamable distinction to her voice. Something lodged between Vonda Shepard and the musical style that makes PostModern Jukebox delicious. Hmmmmmm, that sultry, whispy, earthy soul that makes me want to lean into the music a little more. To feel all the nuances of each track. Sometimes I wish she played into the jazz of this more, but as I mentioned before there’s a fine line when it comes to cliches.

And something in my being tells me she is incredibly mindful to not sound like she is putting something onto an experience – but rather blending it in. Like a true storyteller would. Like a true singer-songwriter.

And a band that knows how to have fun …


And it’s no wonder when it gets feedback like:

“It instantly lures the listener in thanks to its killer electric guitar riffs, and front-woman Jacqueline Auguste’s strong lead vocals, which are reminiscent of Grammy-winning country songstress LeAnn Rimes…It earns two thumbs up.”

Across The Board at Revival photo by Bobby Singh/@fohphoto

With lyrics that hold nothing superficial, but are willing to sink into the meat of our humanized experience – their word choice is as powerful and distinctive as their musical choices. The picture has never been this bold.

So while we move across the board, to the band may the roads treat you with heart as you leave your fingerprint of musicology with this upcoming tour.

Because falling into the rock with this band won’t be as hard.

And their wishes are pretty simple (excerpt from the press release)

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