Everything and more under the sun


Close your eyes. What do you see?

  • Do you see dawn rising to smooth and love the land from lullaby and seep?
  • Do you see orbs of potency rising, just like you?
  • Do you see the change you seek?

Close your thoughts. What do you feel?

  • A warcry for truth, the great undivided, the light and reason. Amalgamated in a complete sphere?
  • A timeless dip into an era that delivers sultry realizations with whiskey breath and innocence.
  • A transcendence – the sound of it – right here in your fingertips.

Taking a sound that somehow is told it is hard to hear and breaking the very pattern of structure and form, this album stands in a realm free of expectation. A true revolution of sound. Blending polarities, like bending the spoon. I’ve never heard integration like this. And I’m not talking up the slick little slash ups which are full poetic artistry –  I’m talking about the most real and most authentic experience of what the world is asking us for.

It might look like a fluff ball. Till you hear the twang, the art, the heart, the rock, the poetry, rhyme, rhythm, rap as held together in a perfect sphere of wicked delight and unbelievable talent.

This gets every thumbs up and a worthy follow

Website: https://www.brookebensonmusic.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brookebensondesigns/



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