I guess I’m changing

“Genuinely entertaining!” -SF Examiner
“Ingenuity that Alt Rock never knew it needed.” -AnR Factory.com


Singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Bray Gurnari is the principal of San Francisco-based trio Bray & The Dens, a unique alt pop rock band, fusing syncopated grooves, sly Bowie-esque hooks and poignant lyricism. The new album Stingray (release date 05/20/20) is “cinematic and clever” (Zero Magazine), employing artful guitar work and a lush pop sensibility.

Lush is a good word. I’d add full too. The kind of full that’s plenty in the most wholesome way. With lyrics that embrace the greatest story (well, one of 7) of our times. That instant aha. That cord that comes with illumination. That place where everything falls into place. And this track holds it with such reverence and delivers on exactly everything it ever aspired to. It’s not a song of longing. It’s the epitome and embodiment of everything it is.

I know I’m making it sound like some spiritual number. It’s got more grit than that. Grit and the nails to hold it in play. And I know I have my reasons for wanting to share this with friends: provoking that moment of def-defying absurd resonance and realignment.

Meanwhile on Earth, it should be obvious that I like it. Some might settle on another word “enduring”. I’m still sitting with fullness.

Want to know what I’m talking about now?



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