No Fool


Without pressing a single button, without revealing a single cord; I just know. I sat there for 10 minutes and a second cup of tea (smart guys) staring at this piece of art. My head was nodding in full affirmation – now dancing to an unknown beat. Feeling the taste of it. Reminded of a NCISLA soundbite “she tastes like sunshine and gunpowder” It could easily translate to this. I always think that any artist that delivers this level of thoughtful quality album work; is an instant genius. And branding isn’t easy. But these guys don’t only know themselves, their art and their music: they know more.

I saw there was a video. My pulse went up. Followed by a pang. Please don’t be just another cheap lyric video – I pleaded with an unknown force. I’m already rooting for this underdog to win the draw and bang right onto the dancefloor…

Oh boy.

Here we go.

My heart settled to see the band. I didn’t know and wouldn’t have put two and two together but seeing her on lead vocals stepped everything up in my expectation box.

I mean they had me at that captivating craftmanship over their instrumentation, and when her vocal chimed in. I knew – I knew.

Crowds roar during their rousing live gigs at country music festivals across the U.S. and across the pond in the UK, fans inside packed rock clubs stomp their approval. Led by 22-year-old Devon Worley, the group is set to release a tight, diverse and fresh new five-song EP called Teatime for Thieves. It builds smartly on the band’s 2013 debut album (an ICMA award winner) and their 2017 follow up, The Sunrise Resistance.

As DWB launches Teatime for Thieves at the end of April 2020, they hope to be back at big country festivals and more intimate rock clubs as soon as the heavy fog of Covid-19 lifts. They’re eager to be back at it, despite the long treks it takes to get where the Devon Worley Band wants to be.

It’s no accident that the new EP is the right collection of songs at theright time for DWB. But don’t expect that the occasional Led Zeppelin cover songs – religiously done – will be dropped from the live set list any time soon.

The new EP is more true to who they are than anything they’ve ever done.Call them a country-rock band or a rock band that plays country with hard rock roots. They’re just going to keep on doing things their way ‘cuz it works for them – and their fans.

So where does “No Fool” fit into all of this?

Kick-assery with the most sophisticated vocals. Mature beyond words; and craft that belongs in an Oscar-Winning Movie Score. Leading with “no fool” is just smart! Controlled and unboxed – this soon to be chart surfing track deserves the cream of every crop. Stun yourself to silence and check it out.

Get your butt over to this Website + Social Media links.

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