life in transition

It’s a dope world when respect becomes part of the yeah-yeah-yeah culture and it’s cool to be sic. And it happens to pay the bills too. Where bling just happens and the hustle is just another way of breathing. It might be a hard knock life, but somehow the glass remains half full. Your scars become your tattoos, and your tattoos tell your life story and fill the cracks with gold. I believe they call it Kintsugi in Japan. There’s only one world where it’s good to flaunt your pain, bare your wounds, lyrically protest, celebrate the suppression, and embrace the art of living a little bigger. Think about it. This world is the most inside out, swag-filled, uncensored, apocalyptic, say nothing – say everything pop culture. Just don’t tell them you called it pop. Oops.

I just got into that kinda space. Listening to the stuff behind the music, the matrix, the culture, the hood, the anger, the void.  And although I can’t say I know what it feels to walk anywhere in those shoes, I can’t help but blinking and thinking WHAT?!?

The art of saying nothing. The art of saying everything. The art of speeding it up, the art of dropping it into cruise control. The art of dropping beats, or lyrical storytelling, ranting, or something on the verge of the in between.

Is it still dope to whip out the phrase cray-cray?

Steves Bryan Joseph also known as Steves J. Bryan started rapping since he was kid , later on became a journalist at the age of 18 and hosted a TV show in Haiti called kom si wow in which he received many international artist and the former president of Haiti.
in December 2012 he released a popular mixtape in Haiti called on blast. Steves is quadrilingual. And is now working on new mixtapes and album for fans. Very versatile his genres are Rap/HipHop but he mixed it with some soft rock techno neo-psychedelia and more. Interesting dude with a fun spirit, his music are very uplifting and makes you wanna jump all day.

Steves J. Bryan is used to stage performance and delivers nothing but amazingness for you to remember. He performed in front of 10k at the Haitian Compas Festival also at Barry Universities fashion show and many more. Asides from having his own tv show he also studies leadership and marketing and is a great motivational speaker.

Multifaceted. And a whole new frame of resPECT. The album transition lives in the beats that connect the splintered, disconnected,  and fragmented synapses of the artists mind to form not only a track but an album. Yeah-Yeah-Yeah.


Can someone please explain this love-hate dial it up culture. Coz my head is spinning right about now as I explore the canvas of tortured souls with so much hate to go around, and a social commentary of a world glossed over, numbed out, and all shades of gray augmented into popular bling me up culture.

This isn’t a social commentary on just this artist. He’s just made me think about the whole thing. Beyond the commerciality. So thanks Steve for motivating and leading with mind warp. Seriously. Maybe we are not supposed to get it.

Music is a way of making sense of the world. Of telling stories. Creating revolutions. Or just inspiring you to feel something. To make you move. To stimulate you. To alter your reality. To tell it like it is. But none of it is absolute. It’s all fragments of perspectives as seen through the iris of a single eye. An eye other to yours. Removed, but yet some how connected.

Whether you like it or not, this is a reality, someone’s reality. So while I am not singing along, it’s a profound exploration into another. And that’s deep.

But that’s my voice. What’s yours.

Discover it hereWebsite:




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